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"Share Music, Share Peace"

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Levi Chen is an award winning musician and filmmaker from Los Angeles. Whether performing solo or with his ensemble, Levi has a one of a kind musical voice that combines his ambient and emotional guitar style with the Gu Zheng (Chinese harp.)

He performs on these two instruments simultaneously, a style he calls Solo Duets. Levi calls his music “Liquid Gardens,'' and he is most often compared to “Pink Floyd produced by Confucius!” He loves recording and producing music but his true passion is performing live for an audience.

Inspired by the sublime moments shared between musician and audience, Levi’s motto is “Share Music, Share Peace."

“What kind of music do you play?”

Liquid Gardens

“What does it sound like?”


“What style of music is it?”


“But what does it sound like?”

Liquid Gardens!

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